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Mobile application development services

Startups consulting

Often startups lack expertise in certain areas. And we help fill the gaps: research the market and competitors of the future application, identify potential users and their needs, develop a strategy for bringing the product to the market, determine methods of monetization, calculate a financial or business plan.

Result: startups receive a detailed action plan and useful project documentation that help them achieve success in the mobile application market.

FlutterFlow built Applications audit

If you already have an application developed with FlutterFlow, but you are not sure about its quality, we can conduct an audit and identify problems that may affect the user experience or functionality of the application.

We test the application and analyze the code, UI/UX design and functionality of the application to determine what can be improved. As a result, you will have a detailed report with identified bugs, recommendations for optimizing and improving the application.

Business analytics and drafting technical specifications

For unique and complex projects that require an immersive understanding of business processes, business analytics is essential to get a more accurate estimate of project development timelines and costs, prepare the basis for future product documentation, synchronize business goals with developer goals, and save working hours and speed up development.

Result: map of business processes and business logic, description of business requirements for the application, functional sketches of application screens, description of the main scenarios for using the application (use cases, user stories, users' flow), database architecture, description of user roles in the application and accesses, defining functionality for the MVP version.

Prototype development

A prototype is the first image of your future application, which allows you to demonstrate functionality and/or design to attract the attention of investors or to explore the market more deeply before the development of the application begins.

Result: a clickable demo prototype of the application.

UX/UI design

Any promising idea can be spoiled by an inconvenient and ugly interface, just as vice versa - a well-thought-out and intuitive application can involve you in even the simplest and most popular functionality.

UX design does everything so that the user quickly finds where to click and easily completes the tasks he needs. UI design distinguishes your application from your competitor and makes users fall in love with it.

Result: a design layout in Figma of your future application with all screens and drawn elements.

Mobile application development

You can order a native application for Android and iOS or a web application. Our company uses no-code and low-code technologies, creating applications faster and cheaper than classic code development. The main stack we use in our work is Flutter. The price of development always includes testing of the application, and after publishing the application in the AppStore and Google Play, the application will have another 6 months of warranty service in case bugs show up.

If the application does not require access to the hardware resources of mobile phones, such as the phone book, camera, geolocation and others, then we can create a Web application that will open in the phone’s browser and perform all the necessary tasks. The entry of web applications to the market is much faster, since it does not require store checks and can be published on the client’s domain.

A mobile application can easily become your company’s business card, an e-commerce platform, a CMS content management system, a corporate portal, a tool for managing orders and business processes, and much more.

Mobile application technical support

Having completed the project, we are ready to provide it with ongoing technical support and ensure uninterrupted operation of the application. We are available 24/7 and promptly resolve all possible problems and respond to user requests.

We also continue to develop applications - improving the interface, adding new functionality, making changes to the database and backend.

We regularly monitor key indicators of mobile applications and prepare analytical reports.

Setting up ASO and promoting mobile applications

ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of optimizing a mobile application to improve its position in app store search results. A high level of ASO allows you to increase the number of downloads and improve your position in app stores.

We'll help you identify keywords that reflect the purpose of your app and meet user needs best. We will conduct competitor and market analysis to determine the most effective strategies for promoting your app.


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Any project starts with an idea, but before you start developing an application, you need to assess demand and profitability. We provide consulting services for startups and can help you evaluate a project, choose a technology stack, draw up a business plan, market research, calculate unit economics, choose a monetization method and other expert questions in the field of product management and mobile development.

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Business analysis of the project and drawing up technical specifications is comparable to laying a foundation for a future house. Skipping this stage always leads to problems: delayed deadlines, increased budgets, or even curtailment of the project before entering the market.

Analytics allows you to formulate the goals and business processes of the project clearly, translate them into technical language understandable by dev teams and increase the chances of achieving the expected results.

At this stage, a map of business logic and business processes is drawn up, business requirements are described, database architecture is designed, sketches of future application screens are created, use cases, user stories, users' flow are described, technical specifications are drawn up, etc.

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Engineering and design

Mobile and web applications are perceived by users through the frontend (visual part), which needs a decent UI design. Another equally important part is the usability - so that the user can intuitively understand what to do and where to click - this is the UX design field. Before development begins, we work through each screen so that everything is convenient, logical, simple and beautiful.

Also at this stage, you can create an interactive prototype of the application in Figma for demonstration to investors and additional market research.

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We provide a team with complete immersion in the project and the specifics of the Customer’s business. Our goal is not only fast, but also high-quality development, so in parallel we never have more than 5 projects for 3 development teams.

The development process can consist of stages when the project has a clear technical specification and a completed design, or sprints, based on the modern Scrum methodology, which allows the Customer to make changes to the project throughout the entire work.

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Each stage or sprint ends with testing to identify and eliminate bugs and inconsistencies with the specifications and design. As a rule, this process includes the description of test cases, manual testing of the application and double-checking of the corrections made. Final testing checks the entire application to be ready for publication in app stores.

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Publishing on Google Play and App Store

We provide support in registering developer accounts in the App Store and Google Play and make all the necessary settings ourselves. Also, as part of technical support for the project, we can publish the application in the accounts of our company.

We also help upload web applications to the Customer's domain.

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ASO settings and promotion

ASO (mobile application search engine optimization) is the process of increasing impressions in App Store and Google Play searches and increasing conversion to app installations. The main task of the initial ASO setup is so that your app can be seen and downloaded by users through the search function.

To properly configure ASO, we analyze competitors and create a semantic core with keywords by which users can search for you. We prepare screensavers for you with your corporate style.

Subsequently, to promote the application, marketing hypotheses are tested: AB tests of layouts and texts on the application page are carried out, advertising is launched, and key indicators and metrics are regularly analyzed.

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Technical support

All our published projects have a 6-month guarantee, within the timeframe we fix bugs identified in the app free of charge.

    Additionally, we can regularly support the project:
  • quickly respond to failures,
  • update the application,
  • improve current functionality or add new ones,
  • provide support to users by contacting technical support,
  • advise the Customer on issues and operation of the service.


Advantages of working with us


Together with you, we set business goals and do our best to achieve them. To do this, we form a team of the specialists you need: product manager, project manager, designer, business analyst, tester, marketer, video production specialist, etc.


We use technologies that reduce development time by 3-5 times compared to the classic approach, which means we save our clients budgets.


Our clients personally know the team they work with and control every stage of the work. If desired, actively participate in working meetings and the development process.


To ensure that the app works stably and without failures, our team has testers who conduct testing at every stage of development.


Our specialists provide consulting services: preparation for development, audit, startup tracking, application promotion, etc.


We help startups conduct user research from surveys to custdev and usability testing.


We help in creating video and graphic content for social networks, prepare presentations and demo video applications.

Business analytics

To implement complex projects, we do business analytics and draw up a map of business processes and business logic, describe the business requirements for the application, the main scenarios for using the application (use cases, user stories, users' flow).


We work according to the modern Scrum methodology: manage the project, structuring the work of the entire team into small sprints and tasks, where the Customer can be a full-fledged member of the team and monitor the process.

Cross-platform application

We create applications on a single code base for iOS and Android devices using Flutter and the FlutterFlow template engine. This approach reduces time-to-market due to higher development speed.

Custom mobile application development company – order the best applications for android and ios

Your future team
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Maria Co-Founder, CEO, Product Manager

I protect the interests of our clients and translates the language of programmers into the language of business

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Danil Co-Founder, STO, Full-Stack developer

I transform client ideas into accomplished products and take responsibility for their quality

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Catherine Design Analyst

I create designs that will make you fall in love

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Arthur Customer and Project Manager

I lead your projects from A to Z so that everything is implemented

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Anna Business analyst

I make ideas ready for development so that the result exceeds your expectations

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Olga CMO, marketing analyst

I help No-Code Production and its clients to be “in the market”

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Anastasia Video production

I increase sales and brand awareness with creative videos

No−code No−code No−code No−code
Alexander Full-Stack developer

I can solve any problem with use of code

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Eugene Bubble developer

I create applications, web services and anticipate customer expectations

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Valentine FlutterFlow developer

I create mobile applications at the speed of light

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Alyona QA engineer

I'm looking for errors so that users don't find them

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